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    Ascend Education Consultants believe in creating communities in which voices come together to promote a unique mission leading to whole school growth, well-being and elevated learning.

    Amplify. Empower. Collaborate.






    We offer each of our forward design plans remotely and onsite.


    Core belief #1:

    Each school is a unique community.

    Core belief #2:

    The well-being of the whole community relies on the growth mindset of all stakeholders.

    Core belief #3:

    All students have the capacity and the right to learn and lead in an optimal community.

    Core belief #4:

    Learning is a shared journey for the students, educators and stakeholders.

    Core belief #5

    Communication is at the core of strong relationships in the school community.

    Core belief #6

    The synergy between Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Voice

    is essential for an ascending school community.


    Meet our experienced, passionate team!

    Michelle Haag, PhD

    Integrated curriculum, Science, Math, Instructional Coaching

    Michelle brings her experience in traditional and outdoor ed settings, in elementary, middle, high school and at the university level in several countries. She is passionate about experiential learning and authentic assessment. She sees education as a way to bring students together through and within our shared world.

    Maha Sarraf, M.Ed

    Constructive Leadership, English, Social Studies

    Maha's experience as a teacher and administrator in various international settings at the Elementary school level supports growth at all levels.

    She is passionate about making sure all students have optimal learning opportunities. Education is a wonderful way to grow both academically and personally.

  • Q&A for Ascend

    What is Ascend's workshop style?

    We present a practical experience so teaching professionals develop confidence as they practice. This hands-on experience relies on modeling, coaching, reviewing and debriefing. We are skilled in using Adaptive Schools and Collaborative Coaching techniques to bring together your community --leaving your school with workable next steps.

    Can Ascend help us get our accreditation?

    Yes! Accreditation revolves around the whole school coming together towards one mission and vision. We are experienced in how to present your successful journey to accreditation agencies--from committees to report!

    Can Ascend offer specific subject specific workshops?

    With our years of expertise, we offer instructional professional development workshops in several areas. Our expertise includes curriculum design including backwards mapping, teaching using a workshop model, Integrated STEAM unit delivery, and hands-on maths. We strongly recommend that all professional development workshops are aligned with the mission and vision of the school.

    Can our school hire Ascend online?

    Absolutely! We will work with you to tailor the experience in a way that suits your needs.

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  • Testimonials

    From Kevin Simpson, KDSL Founder

    I have known Maha and Michelle for over nine years. We collaborated together on several education projects in the United Arab Emirates at their respective schools and as consultants. This work ranged on a variety of topics, such as coaching, curriculum, and teaching and learning. They are sagacious, hardworking, diligent, and always focused on ensuring the whole school community thrives and achieves. I give the highest recommendation to the Ascend Education Consulting team.

    Samer N. Wehby, AUD Student

    Michelle was my professor during the last semester in American University Dubai. The skills I have learnt and applied in classroom management and understanding the KHDA inspection requirements were invaluable. Thank you for being my mentor and hope our roads will cross again one day.

    Nikki Fiely, Coordinator ADNOC Schools

    Michelle has the skills, experience, and personality to empower educators and administrators through strategies that will encourage growth and student achievement! I worked with her to enact positive changes in a large-scale school setting and personally witnessed the outcomes of her initiatives. Her creativity and ability to connect with others are added benefits to her knowledge and hard work! I highly recommend Michelle Haag for your educational consulting needs!


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